This song is inspired by Jesus’ hands-on approach to healing, even with those He was not supposed to touch - the leper, the corpse. When the woman who was made ritually unclean by her persistent bleeding touched the hem of His cloak, and made every other man unclean in the crowd through which she pressed to do so, He simply sent her away rejoicing, released from the burden of her sickness and the weight of her sin. When the leper called to Him, saying, “If you are willing, you can make me clean” (note: not “well” or “healthy” but “clean”), Jesus, moved with pity, said, “I am willing”, laid His hand upon him while he was still leprous and unclean, and healed him. He walked across the room to lift the dead girl’s hand, the hand of a corpse, as He spoke her back to life.

Jesus came to us to cleanse us from uncleaness, not to preserve His own. His touch makes us clean.