Some nice things people have said about Dave and Sabra:

We were visiting at Prince of Peace, Sturgeon Bay, today, and what a delight to experience firsthand your presentation of worship and the Word, anchored in Lutheran theology and substantive textual study, with even some good literary-critical exegetical insights on the Markan crucifixion and resurrection narrative account, all woven around your musical craftsmanship and seasoned with good humor. It is a wonderful gift to present Law and Gospel, grounded in Christ’s death and resurrection with a warm, engaging style, and you do it well. A special word of appreciation also to Sabra, whose contribution from the side was significant and marked by the humility of servanthood. May God continue to guide and bless your intentionally itinerant ministry!

Andrew H. Bartelt
Gustav and Sophie Butterbach Professor of Exegetical Theology
Director, Specific Ministry Pastor Program
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Just got back and wanted to say a huge thanks for doing such a terrific job in leading worship. I don’t know how I would have been able to leave without your visit. I have heard several really enthusiastic comments about your music and you and your wife’s presence among us. Bless you. I hope you enjoyed yourselves too.

Scott Thurman St. John’s Lutheran Vancouver, WA

Thanks so much for your visit to Redeemer on August 28. It’s nice to have someone who can step in and take care of themselves in almost any situation and adjust to the traditional and contemporary music styles. Thanks for your flexibility, attentiveness, smoothness, warmth in sharing the gospel message and bringing life through your songs.

Dan Oie
Redeemer Lutheran
Wayzata, MN

It was great seeing you again and being blessed by the spoken and sung Word! Our little girls were fascinated by Sabra’s percussion playing in the front pew. You work together so well as a team. You made my day enjoyable, and you blessed Redeemer in many ways. I look forward to having you back soon. God’s peace to you,

Rev. Steve Ferber
Redeemer Wayzata

Thank you so much for sharing your ministry and your gifts with us. I really appreciated your music and your message. I also was moved by the way in which you introduced songs and elements of worship. You shared in fresh and meaningful ways which caused me to think about those elements in new ways. One such moment was when you spoke about the Israelites waiting for Moses to return and the golden calf. Melting things down and forming them into things to worship. That will stick with me. I wanted to also share with you a God Wink (a kind of holy, God-filled coincidence; although there are no such things as “simply” coincidences). You said that you had recently been to St Paul, in Sherwood, OR. That “happens” to be where my wife grew up; it was her childhood church. Their whole family was there during the 70s. Added to that, this week is the one year anniversary of the passing of her mother, Patty, who up until the time she could no longer do so, attended St Paul Lutheran. It is where her memorial was held a year ago. For you to be at St John on this particular Sunday morning and have my wife, Cindi, be listening to you share that was a real blessing. So thank you for sharing that other congregations send their greetings. We would never have known otherwise and we would have missed out on that little God wink. Blessings on the rest of your travels and I look forward to the next time you are in the area.

Scott Thurman
Minister of Children and Worship
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Vancouver, WA

Hi brothers,
I don’t often do this, but I wanted to drop you all a line and encourage you to welcome someone to your pulpit. His name is Dave Horn. He’s an LCMS pastor and he and his wife travel the country with their fifth-wheel and do concerts and worship services. He’s a very accomplished guitarist and has a very nice voice. He really does an excellent job. At our church, he led both the Traditional and the Contemporary services. Our people at both services really loved what he did. Yes, he even led the liturgy from the guitar – – and it worked! He then also gave the sermon. In the Contemporary service he also led the music, and thus the worship team had the week off.
I encourage you to have him and his wife Sabra at your church. I can give you my unqualified endorsement. Your people will be blessed. God’s blessings on each of your ministries! May your heart continue to grow to be like your heavenly Father’s. May mine do the same!

Epiphany Lutheran Church
8300 Deerlake Rd. W.
Tallahassee, FL 32312

(An email message Rev. Schulz sent to some of his pastor friends after our event there January 2, 2011, copied to me, and used with his permission. Dave)

What a delight to have you two with our church family here at Redeemer. Your music and message was very uplifting and inspirational. Your love, kindness and compassion touched our members of all ages.
I would strongly encourage other congregations to welcome you two for a Sunday morning worship service or even just a concert. What a joy that we were able to do both with you two.
To quote another pastor who listened to you, “It was so refreshing to hear such clear teaching of Law and Gospel in word and song! Your songs bring the truths of the written word of God to life. You do so with insight, creativity, humor, and love.” I couldn’t say it better, all I could do is completely agree. God Bless you two in your travels.

Pastor Russell Senstad
Sr. Pastor
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Sioux City, IA

Thanks for coming and sharing the Gospel with our school children. What a wonderful mix of music, God’s Word, and humor! I especially appreciated the Law/Gospel emphasis that you so skillfully wove into your presentation. Your presentation literally had something for all ages–not just young children. Thanks for using your gifts to serve the Lord in this way.

Mark Schulz
Outreach and Administrative Pastor
Bethany Lutheran Church of Johnson County, KS

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much everyone truly enjoyed your Christian entertainment at our Retired Pastors retreat last week! Rick and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I know from the comment sheets I’ve been reviewing that it was a big hit with all.
Thank you so much, and we pray for God’s blessings on your unique ministry!

Peg Raabe
Assistant to Missions, Older Adult & Human Care
LCMS – South Wisconsin District Office

Thank you, Dave and Sabra;
What a blessing and delight! Our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed your Christ-filled music and message, which was biblical rich and pure. Your presentation of His word was energetic, insightful, age-appropriate (K through 8th grade was our chapel) and uplifting. Your humor, style and variety were well received–great music and powerful biblical message–great balance! Dave, you are an amazing acoustical guitarist! How wonderful that you offer this ministry and answered the call to serve Him in this capacity. May you continue to be blessed in your travels.
I would encourage any Christian Schools International (CSI) institution to get in touch with Dave and Sabra and get your students involved in the gospel through their music and words!

What a special chapel~again, Thanks!

Robert Adeline, Principal
Mount Vernon Christian School
Mount Vernon, WA

A theologian who is also a musician? Makes one think of Luther or Bach, doesn’t it? In our own day, Dave Horn has a gift for sharing God’s timeless truths in a fresh way that touches the hearts of young and old with the eternal message of the cross and empty tomb. I highly recommend his ministry to all!

Pastor Mark Bertermann
Bethlehem Lutheran Church & School
Kennewick, Washington

God is working amazing things through Dave and Sabra Horn. I first heard of Dave through my pastor, who told me he would be coming to church to preach and perform music and that he would like to do a chapel message for a small fee. I confess my first thought was, “I have to PAY for a guest speaker for chapel?!” But I figured, why not? It’s not that much and it could be fun. The Sunday Dave & Sabra spent at church I was treated to an hour of God’s word in sermon and song and I found myself eager for our school chapel, though I thought it might pale in comparison to the science assembly we would have that same afternoon. I have been blessed to see many wonderful assemblies and be a part of a number of cool worship experiences. I can say without equivocation that Dave Horn’s chapel ranks at the very top. He had 200 kids, age 3 to 13, hanging on his every word, singing and moving, and the hour went by in a blink. Afterward, he high fived the kids and had time to converse and share his fascinating story. Needless to say, the science assembly (which included liquid nitrogen and explosions) paled in comparison to that morning. A week later, students are talking about the singing guy with most of his hairs under his nose and singing his songs in the hallways… no mention of the cool science stuff. If you have a chance to host Dave and his wife Sabra, DO NOT PASS IT UP. Keep them at your church or school as long as possible! Check out Dave’s website:


Eric D. Haan
Principal – Bethlehem Lutheran School
Kennewick, WA

Thanks so much again for making a stop at Trinity, Fort Lauderdale and bringing to our school your ministry of Christ-centered music. We deeply appreciate you and what you gave us!
I found your music interesting, your lyrics faith-inducing, and your ability to engage listeners refreshing and enthusing!
I am contemplating the messages you deliver via your CDs, as I listen to tracks in my car.
And, I’m looking forward to your next stop here should the Lord of the Church make that possible!
The LORD bless and keep everyone you get to serve through your musical presentation of His Word!

In Christ,

Tom Hackett
Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church & Academy
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our school (Zion-Cologne,MN) was invited to a concert at St. John’s in Chaska given by Dave and his wife, Sabra. We have heard the Horns before and their performance never fails to please and impress. Their love of God shows from the beginning song to the closing prayer. The energy level never drops off (which is remarkable knowing their ages). I would recommend them to any congregation for a Sunday Service, an evening concert, a school chapel, and maybe even weddings and funerals (probably not a bar mitzvah–but knowing Dave–he could probably pull that off too–Shalom!).

Tom Marcsisak
Teacher, Zion Lutheran School
Cologne, MN

What a delight to have sages from the east (Minnesota to California!) only this time these travelers “bringing” Christ the Lord in music, song, laughter and love!
Dave, your music and message truly fits your mission motto of “Singing the Cross and the Empty Tomb.” It was so refreshing to hear such clear teaching of Law and Gospel in word and song! Your songs bring the truths of the written word of God to life. You do so with insight, creativity, humor, and love.
Dave and Sabra, you two have a wonderful gift of the servant heart of Jesus. Your songs and presentation capture the hearts of younger as well as older! Great work in balancing message and music from the Sunday morning crowd to the Wednesday morning elementary chapel to the preschool chapel to the middle school/High School Wednesday evening concert. All done with tremendous skill bringing God’s truth in music, laughter, and love.
Your traveling “on the road again” encourages others to take steps forward in faith in the calling God gives them. I pray God’s provision and protection for as long as He gives you life and breath.

Pastor Kal Waetzig
Sr. Pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Mr. Larry Tietmeyer
Director, Bella Vista Christian Academy
Tracy, CA

Sabra and Dave,

It was wonderful and refreshing to hear the joy of music and laughter that you brought to our school. You certainly have a great way of communicating and keeping the children intrigued. I appreciated the style and Biblical purity of the message that was given. Blessings to you in the rest of your journey.

Dale Lehrke
Principal, St. Paul Lutheran School
Westlake, OH


I just wanted to thank you for leading worship on the 15th. I heard great things about your professionalism, music and most of all your incorporation of music and Scripture. Please keep us on the list in case you ever wander this way again!

Peace in Christ,

Peter Bergman
Family of Faith Lutheran Church
Houston, TX

Dave and Sabra,

Thanks for your wonderful musical chapel! Our students have been talking about it for several days and are convinced that you need to become permanent members of our staff. Your songs gave them the message of the cross and empty tomb in a way they’ll never forget. Please keep us in mind for a visit as often as you are in Minnesota.

Bob Wolter
Prince of Peace Lutheran School
St. Cloud, MN

What an inspiration for getting the school year at Forest Hills Lutheran School off to a joyous start! Thanks for your words, tunes and witness. It does wonders to have young students have an active worship experience.

Blessings on your ministry!

Jean Faszholz
Forest Hills Lutheran School
Cornelius, Oregon

I highly recommend Dave Horn. Dave was at our Lutheran high school recently for a concert and did a fantastic job! High school students, on a Monday morning, during a tough time of the year when students are tired and trying to survive till Spring Break…not exactly the best timing for a Christian concert. Dave did a fantastic job of engaging our teenage students; entertaining, talented, and funny, but most importantly, he communicated some truths about the Christian faith that our students can remember and use. I praise God that Dave Horn is answering His call to serve in this are of ministry. It is much needed and appreciated!

Mark Liebenow
Concordia Academy (9-12)
Austin, TX

Dave was great! He connected with all three of our school levels; elementary, middle and high school. His incredible musical talent is only overshadowed by his authentic love for Jesus!

Pastor Todd Stocker
Campus Pastor
Lutheran South Academy
Houston, TX

I just want to thank you for your wonderful performance at our school last week. I had positive comments from the Kindergarten and 8th grade teachers. I feel if you pleased both of those groups you reached all of them. We had a wonderful Lutheran Schools Week and I want to thank you for helping make it so good. Blessings on your ministry!

Peg Rincker
Teacher (Event Coordinator)
Good Shepherd Lutheran School
Collinsville, IL

Thank you for getting [the CDs] mailed out. I am excited to give them to my son for his 7th birthday. It is one of the few things he has asked for. Two of my sons heard Pastor Horn at Bethel Lutheran and have not stopped talking about him since. We listen to Fix Our Eyes all the time. Even my 3 year old sings along. It is so fun!!!!

God’s Blessings,

Nicole Gibson (Maryland)

Dave and Sabra, Thank you again for sharing your ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Cedarburg. God was up to something wonderful in the meeting of your music, the journey of the confirmands and this particular point in the life of the congregation. I appreciate your openness to the Spirit’s leading and the message that you shared, as well as your graciousness and encouragement. Thank you!

Pastor John Norquist
Faith Lutheran Church
Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Hi, Pastor Dave and Sabra,

I wanted to thank you both for coming to Valley Lutheran Church, Chagrin Falls, OH, the other night. I had such a wonderful time and enjoyed your music very much. God has given you a wonderful gift. I cannot say enough good things about your ministry. You bring a unique approach that is both refreshing and uplifting. Many blessings to you both as you continue to spread God’s Word!

In Christ,

Rachel Benning (the vicar’s wife!)

WOW! What a tremendous sharing of God’s love yesterday. It is so good to see the students get excited about the Lord. Your enthusiasm and energy are contagious. If getting through and involving the junior high students is a miracle, then that’s what was witnessed. God’s speed on your travels.

Steve Rensner
Calvary Lutheran School
Indianapolis, IN

You led our worship service in Ladysmith, WI, a couple weeks ago and I wanted to tell you that I truly appreciated the experience. Your music and message enhanced the worship experience in a very meaningful way for me. Since then I have listened to your CD ‘Fix your Eyes’ many times, finding it to be spiritually supportive and just plain good listening… and I absolutely love the 10 Commandments song. It’s great fun. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Margaret Foss-Stensvold
Ladysmith, WI

Thank you, Pastor Dave, for bringing God’s Word to us in sermon and song last Sunday. There were nothing but positive comments on how the Word touched people where they were at—both children and adults. Your musical abilities on the guitar enhanced our worship greatly through both traditional Lutheran hymnody and newer songs with good Lutheran theology. God bless your ministry. As you travel to various churches and schools, remember God’s words to Jeremiah: “Before you were born I set you apart…You must go to everyone I send you to…I am with you.” (Jer. 1:5, 7-8 ) as well as God’s words to the exiles, which can also apply to you: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord (Jer. 29:11).

Pastor Bob Busse
Calvary Lutheran Church
Princeton, WI

Dave Horn’s music is inspiring, uplifting and life changing because it truly fixes our eyes on Jesus. His ministry is a gift to the church. We look forward to when he and Sabra return to Lutheran Island Camp!

Ken Erlandson
Lutheran Island Camp
Staples, MN

Thank you, thank you, thank you for chapel today. I really appreciate your smooth delivery and style of blending song with running patter throughout. Thank you for being so polished and praising God so clearly. Please keep Denver Lutheran in your files for future years. We would gladly welcome you back!

With you in Christ,

Craig Parrott
Denver Lutheran High School
Denver, CO

Since I had to rush off on Sunday and didn’t get a chance to say it then, thank you for sharing with us over the weekend. I got a lot of great comments and a lot of great feedback about playing for our service. Folks really appreciated it. Thank you. Blessings as you share God’s Word through your gift of music.

Pastor Steve Hayden
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Melrose, MN

Dave, with his musical ministry, left an awesome imprint with the gospel and was a tremendous blessing to Hosanna’s disciples. We pray for him to continue with boldness in his ministry, because it is a ministry.

Pastor Steve Kosberg
Hosanna Lutheran Church
Mankato, MN

Pastor Dave brings a servant heart to the worship service, an assumption of teamwork with the local pastor, and an immediately obvious musical skill.

Pastor Jim Bender
St. Stephanus Lutheran Church
St. Paul, MN

Dave, your way with the kids was enthusiastic and down to Earth, I pray God will continue to grant you His wisdom as you continue.

Joe Fountain
First Lutheran School
Glencoe, MN

Thanks for your presence with us yesterday. You really amaze me with your ability to pick those songs and make it look so easy. That is really a gift.

Your message was also a gift.

Ernie Freudenburg, DCO
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Rochester, MN

Pastor Horn has an incredible gift for music, an incredible theological mind, because he takes these truths of Lutheran theology that we learn in the catechism and he expresses them with his fingertips on the guitar and through the words that he puts down in the songs and to us as he sings. And for that we give thanks!

Rev. Phillip Penhallegon
Concordia University
Ann Arbor, MI

Dave’s music lifts burdens from people, encourages them about their relationship with God, gives people certainty about their relationship with God. It’s real because he presents himself as one of us, a beggar dependent only on the grace of God, just like the rest of us.

Pastor Bruce Laabs
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Plato, MN

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did in sharing God’s Word with us through your singing and message…You were a blessing to us yesterday to be sure.”

Pastor Steve Latzke
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
South Bend, IN

From Dave’s friend, Jonathan Rundman,
a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis:

If you enjoy hosting community-wide concerts, scheduling guest musicians for Sunday morning worship, or providing fresh program ideas for children and youth ministry, then consider booking Dave Horn at your congregation. From concert songs to congregational involvement, Dave’s music leadership will connect across the generations and is built upon a passionately grace-oriented theology. I’ve rarely seen a musician deliver such a clearly communicated Lutheran understanding of faith in such an engaging way. And on top of all this, he’s an amazing guitarist with an aggressive acoustic finger-style technique that’s sort of like Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, with a touch of Randy Stonehill and Lindsey Buckingham, all rolled together and performed by one guy! I’d be happy to sit and listen to Dave Horn play instrumental guitar all evening, but it’s all the better to know that his lyrics and message are equally inspiring. Invite him to your town!