Dave and I met in college (Concordia–St. Paul) and have been singing together ever since. When called upon we would entertain, lead worship, write songs, and even travel a bit to perform. We lived in several states with Dave in the parish ministry and Navy chaplaincy. Little did we know that the Lord would use all of our singing and moving to prepare us for a new ministry.

In early 2000, Dave left parish ministry to pursue what he believed was the Lord’s call to write music that teaches the Word and present it to the Church. He proceeded to work part-time and sing part-time. Overnight (six years later), he embarked on several traveling tours, staying in host homes and “interesting” motels.

In late 2006 we purchased a fifth-wheel trailer dubbed “haRVey” (a big white friend who follows him everywhere he goes…remember? James Stewart? Anybody?) and Dave set out on a Western “Will-This-Work?” tour. It did. It was time to make the move into full-time music ministry. In 2007 we put our house on the market. Remember the 2007 housing market? The house sold anyway! By May of 2008 we had downsized substantially, I left my position at Mayer Lutheran High School, we moved into haRVey full-time, and hit the road.

Our first lessons were challenging: How to live in a very small space, how to work together, and how to embrace change - of scenery, every few days. As we travel, we have new adventures every week: finding a grocery store, a laundromat, the library. And then, just when we know where everything is, it’s time to move. No complaints.

In addition to doing all of the driving when hauling haRVey, Dave works on recording his next CD, calls churches and schools to fill our schedule, writes new music, reads extensively, studies the Scriptures in preparation for leading worship, and does most of the RV repairs.

I help with recording our CDs by playing drums, singing, or by staying out of the way! I am a homemaker, sound tech, cheerleader, secretary, and a prayer warrior.

In the last 8 years of travel we have put over 90,000 miles on haRVey. We have had to purchase another truck, and fix many RV issues. We have sung in schools in nearly every state, and led worship in nearly 500 church settings.

Our ministry offers us the opportunity to learn from people in congregations across the country, as they serve the Lord and one another. It is an exciting part of our life on the road, looking forward and wondering who we will meet next. It is a thrilling ride the Lord has given us and we thank Him daily for this work. We have countless stories of the Lord providing for us—just what we need at just the right time. It is a privilege to share the Peace that is Jesus with the people He brings into our lives.

If you are reading this, and we suspect you are, we ask that you pray for us. Please pray for our safety, provision, and health.

Thank you for joining us on the journey!

May the Lord be with you.

Joy in Jesus!
Sabra and Pastor Dave