RV Park

This week I begin a new serial piece. “OMW” is not a softened form of “OMG”, like “Oh, My Word!”. It stands for “Out My Window”. I will take a picture out my back RV window and post a bit about where we are.

This week we find ourselves in South Georgia, parked in a little community the likes of which is so familiar to us: A small RV Park that is home to many of those “camped” here. We are parked in the central loop, where the transients (foreigners, aliens) go. The full-time residents are parked around the edges, where they can get a good look at you when you come in and set up. A simple glance shows most of them have been here a long, long time. Think of it as several steps simpler than your standard trailer park. In the morning some go to work pretty early. In the evening, this place has all the sounds of a small town, where people know each other and have lots to say, for better or for worse.