Mr. Beck

There we were, doing another fun concert/chapel at another wonderful school. Funny how grade schools always have a 2nd grade teacher - dedicated, devoted to her (almost always her) students. Imagine my surprise when this venerable gentleman approaches me warmly and says he is my second grade teacher from Saint Paul’s Lutheran School in Fulda, Minnesota. Didn’t see that coming.

We had a great talk. It turns out he has had a life. Who knew. He is not still that green young man just out of college. Of course, I’m not that 2nd grader anymore either. He spent many fruitful years teaching math in a public school, has a loving family and now teaches math at Our Savior in Rockford, Illinois - as a volunteer. He told how he loves to see his students not only grasp and appropriate key concepts, but also related the joy he feels when they are able to help other students do so. Now that’s a teacher.

It was great to see you again, Mr. Beck, and be reminded once again of the amazing things God can do with a life.